7 Secret Settings to Update Poor GPU Speed After Updating Windows

Top 5 Methods To Fix The Registry That Has Got Corrupt In Windows 10

Change or delete the wrong value and your PC could suddenly stop working properly. After the third interruption, Windows will open into the Advanced Startup environment.

Pull up File Explorer, right-click on a drive, and click on Properties. Click on the Tools tab, and click on “Check” under the “Error checking” section.

If you run into issues, you can restore the Registry from the desktop and the Advanced Startup environment when your device won’t boot. May be that’s why Microsoft has not offered any such utility. They know how important the registry is and how difficult it is to scan the registry and the system to find every single entry that is no longer needed by anything installed on the system. Thay also have a real Reg cleaner other than this Windows Installer clean up you point to.

Manually Restore The Windows Registry

According to Avast, this was a targeted attack aimed at a dozen technology companies, and the malware was downloaded to only 40 known computers, or 0.0018% of the PCs running the compromised CCleaner. CCleaner also includes a disk analyser, a duplicate file finder, and a drive wiper.

  • For Excel 2003, this list is stored at You can use the Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe) to view this Registry key.
  • Note that the standard add-ins that are shipped with Excel do not appear in this Registry key.
  • The add-in files that make up the AddIns collection can be stored anywhere.
  • On Windows NT and 2000, you should use Regedt32.exe whereas on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista, you can use either Regedt32.exe or RegEdit.exe.
  • Now, under Windows wikidll.com/microsoft/d3dcompiler_43-dll XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista, Regedt32.exe is a simple wrapper program that runs Regedit.exe.

The "undo" function is RegEdit is importing a previous backup that you’ve made of the registry. One of the popular myths about cleaning the Registry is that it can provide a performance boost to your PC, but the truth is that doing so will have little – if any – tangible benefit. Tampering with the Registry can have a serious effect on your PC.

There are three fundamental ways to clear disk space and speed up your computer. Press the "F8" key on your keyboard while the computer boots up. This command enters the "Advanced boot options" menu. Last July, Piriform, a small British company, was bought by Avast, the anti-virus software giant that also owns AVG. In August, CCleaner v5.33 was comprised on 32-bit PCs and malware was inserted into the installer.

To prevent your files from clogging up the system, you might consider saving your files to a location away from your computer. Empty space is crucial for reading, writing, and manipulating data. This space is also used for Windows updates and the general running of the computer.

Windows 7 And Earlier

For a few weeks now, I’ve noticed that Steam updates for various games on this drive—heavier hitters like Stellaris or The Elder Scrolls Online—have been struggling to do, well, anything. Downloads would crawl along, even though I have a pretty beefy Internet connection. Progress bars for patch installations would appear to stall for an hour. Running chkdsk /r gives you the most thorough scan you can perform on a volume, and if you have some time to spare for the sector check, we highly recommend running it at least periodically.

5 Easy Fixes to Update Slow Windows Reserved Storage Performance After Installing Antivirus

When I run the google troubleshooter it says the DNS server is not responding, I have tried changing the DNS server address to and so on however nothing seems to work. It is one of the common issues that occur on different desktop computers, tablets PCs and mobile devices as well. when you got this error on your screen, you will be able to access the internet either via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection.

Method 11: Disable The Additional Connection

Without proper DNS Server, you won’t be able to browse anything. So try out the below solutions to solve this error. So that was all for the DNS server not responding.

Solution 3: Flush Your Dns And Reset Your Dns Settings

Now that you know what the DNS server not responding error means, let’s show you how to fix it. If you are using Google Chrome, then try a different browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer or Safari for fixing and solving this. Your computer appears to be correctly configured. Still, error The DNS Server is Not Responding Windows 10 error code problem.

The “DNS Server Not Responding”error occurs because of network problems, also occurs because of bad network providers. Due to the startup applications or third-party tools that are installed on your computer can also lead to the occurrence of this DNS Server Not Responding error. To overcome fix d3dcompiler_47.dll error this error, you have a better solution that is starting your PC in the Safe Mode. If you start your computer in safe mode, then it does not run all the third-party software or antivirus or VPN tools. So, this method will work out in fixing the DNS Server errors.

  • You can even run the TCP/IP utility programs to perform different tasks to renew the IP address settings in your Windows PC.
  • Resetting router’s settings can clear old cache, fetch new IP addresses and make a fresh start for the Internet connection.
  • Due to its malfunctioning, the DNS server addresses might not be set properly.
  • Sometimes, rebooting your PC might fix such small glitches that you faced in connecting to the internet.

Now go ahead and check these options out and see how they are working for you and to have more information look here. Then do feel free to comment below and I will surely help you out. Once you are done with all the steps, go ahead and try to access any website and see if you are still getting the DNS server not responding or not. Again check if you’re able to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error, if not then continue. In the Network and Internet Settings window, select your connection type, like Ethernet, then click on Change adapter options.

Try accessing some websites and see DNS Server not responding error is resolved. One of the reasons behind the DNS server not responding could be wrong DNS server address.

Also, check that your web browser is updated, and make sure that there are no services on your system that could prevent you from accessing the Messenger app. Check the methods given below to fix the DNS error. Yahoo Messenger is an email application that can be used on the desktop, and even you can access it via the Yahoo Mail. Now that we understand DNS, DNS servers and what can cause DNS Issues, let’s get it fixed. The first step would be to check your DNS server settings.

Reinstall Network Drivers

If you’re not accessing any websites and encounters this error message on your PC, then the simple method to solve the issue is changing the DNS server manually. For that, you need to execute the below steps. DNS Server translates the web address to your IP address so that you can connect to it.