Getting a loan for a property

Getting a loan for a property

BDO offers funding help for the loan purpose that is following

  • Buy of House and Lot / Townhouse device
  • Buy of Condominium Product
  • Buy of Vacant Good Deal
  • Construction of home
  • Home Renovation / Residence Enhancement
  • Reimbursement of Acquisition
  • Refinancing / Loan Take-out

Affordable Money Out

All-in funding

Distribute out re re payments of one’s home loan costs and loan-related costs up to your term of one’s mortgage loan.

Integrated Insurance insurance costs for 1-year protection could be compensated in 12 equal monthly payments, without interest and billed along with your month-to-month amortization. Your insurance policy will immediately restore yearly when it comes to term that is entire of loan.

Light Payment Alternatives select from the after options:

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